I grew up along the Jersey shore in Monmouth County  (aka Springsteen Country) but moved to the Harrisburg, PA area with my mother just before starting high school.  I suppose you could say my music journey began a few months prior to the move when I started fumbling around on my mother’s Yamaha acoustic guitar, trying to find notes that sounded ‘right’ while playing along to various videos on MTV.  The fumbling turned into something much more serious later that year after tuning in to the Harrisburg oldies FM station and hearing a stereo version of The Beatle’s ‘Day Tripper’ completely void of vocals due to a broken stereo speaker. I called my mother into the room. What is THIS?? WHO is this?? What a riff!! Hear that bass??  Guitar, drums and The Beatles quickly became an obsession. 

I first cut my teeth playing Beatle, Bowie and Billy Joel classics on drums and then guitar in my high school band Gravity's Pull. However, it was during my latter high school /early college years when I began to discover bands like Rush, The Allman Brothers, Frank Zappa and Phish as well as song crafters like Paul Simon, CSN and Joni Mitchell that my musical landscape began to widen.  Improvisation, composition and chords with fancy symbols and numbers became a focal point.  This soon lead to teaching guitar lessons to other college students . While  I  eventually earned a degree in Communication Studies from West Chester University and landed a post production job at a television production company in Philadelphia, the economic collapse in 2009 and  subsequent layoff afforded me  an opportunity to switch gears and focus on making music a full-time endeavor.   In 2010, I  began teaching guitar and drums, booking more gigs while also landing side jobs composing music for  television networks HGTV, Fine Living and MTV as well as several  independent media projects  (see MEDIA COMPOSITION).  I have since added ukulele and piano to my teaching repertoire while continuing to perform throughout the Philadelphia area as a solo performer as well as in my acoustic duo Shady Groove and Beatles cover band Mother Nature's Suns.   I also cohost an open mic that happens every Wednesday evening at the Glenside VFW.